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The 14″ AAX Medium Hats from SABIAN introduce a whole new palette of sound to the AAX line. A smaller, raw bell results in crispy, versatile hi-hats that blend nicely into mainstream sounds. The foot is very solid, and the thinner-sounding weight of this medium pairing makes them ideal for studio recording. The completely new hammering style – much more...
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AA Metal Crash Brilliant finish Untreated unpolished bell Faster attack Explosive sound Long, louder sustain 2x Machine-hammered
205,00 € - 17,00 €
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SKU: OUT-Sabian AA Metal Crash 17"

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AA Metal series Brilliant finish Untreated non-polished cymbal bell Fast attack Explosive sound Long louder sustain 2x Machine hammered
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SKU: OUT-Sabian AA Metal Crash 18"
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A 16" Crash with Plenty of Power The Sabian 16" AA Rock Crash cymbal is designed to power through even the most dense rock mixes. Its medium-heavy weight and bright tone offer a penetrating sound and wash that will keep up with a loud stage volume and a frequency-heavy performance. With Sabian, you're in good company Located in the small Eastern Canadian...
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SKU: OUT-Sabian AA Rock Crash 16"
Get crisp, fast-paced, quick response sounds on the Sabian AA 10-inch cymbal. With this splash cymbal, you get perfect rhythms that can bring about a sense of euphoria in the listener. Made of B20 bronze, this Sabian cymbal will last you a long time, giving you the best sound at all times. This 10-inch splash cymbal can easily fit atop any other...
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SKU: Sabian AA Splash 10"
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Immediate response is fast, bright, crisp and cutting, with instant decay. STYLE Vintage METAL B20 SOUND Bright WEIGHT  Extra Thin
129,00 € - 40,00 €
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SKU: OUT-Sabian AA Splash 8"
Sabian AAX Aero Splash 10 210XACB   Diametro 10" Suono chiaro con attacco ultraveloce Lega B20
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SKU: Sabian AAX Aero Splash 10"
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Extremely fast and very bright, the SABIAN 12"" AAX Splash provides plenty of penetrating cut. The SABIAN AAX series delivers consistently bright, crisp, clear and cutting responses – AAX is the ultimate Modern Bright sound!
179,00 € - 60,00 €
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SKU: OUT-Sabian AAX Splash 12"

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AAX Series Size: 20" Stage ride Brillant version Ride with outstanding balance between clear, bright stick sounds and the constantly controllable basic tone Universal ride for all styles of music
339,00 € - 110,00 €
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SKU: OUT-Sabian AAX Stage Ride 20"
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Thin design and small bell for quick response, tonally full, glassy, and shimmering accents. STYLE Modern METAL B20 SOUND Bright WEIGHT  Thin
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SKU: Sabian AAX Studio Crash 17"
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ursting with bright, explosive attack, this model delivers penetrating definition with total presence and power. Style: Modern Metal: B20 Sound: Bright Weight: Medium Thin Bursting with energy, the innovative SABIAN 14" AAX X-Plosion Crash explodes with fuller, punchier power.
209,00 € - 60,00 €
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The fast, super-bright response of the medium-heavy APX Solid Crash Cymbal is loaded with robust, high-pitched cutting power that blows through any band playing the high end of the volume scale. APX, a professional cymbal series, is from award-winning sound innovators: Sabian. The sheer attack of APX cuts through any music. To create this intensity,...
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SKU: OUT-Sabian APX Solid Crash 20
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